The King with Four Names

Sermon on December 1 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6

We use the word ‘wonderful’ very often. A counselor we might see in a crisis. So why this title for Jesus?
If you don’t want to waste Christmas:

Seven centuries before Jesus, the people of Judah were trusting in other kings, in other gods and in themselves.

  • Who Jesus is, defines wonder
    In the Old Testament, a wonder is beyond our capacity to explain: Jesus is the beyond behind the beyond (John 1:1)
    Turn Christmas into a ‘feel good’ time or a shopping event only and you miss the meaning of life and the Wonder of life: Jesus.
  • All that Jesus is, displays wonder
    Jesus’ birth, the timing of it and His life were wonderful (Gal. 4:4-5).

‘They (His disciples) would have lived ordinary lives and died ordinary deaths had they never met Jesus. But when Jesus started giving the orders, catching fish became a totally new experience for them’
(Warren Wiersbe)

Jesus’ death and resurrection were wonderful.
Jesus is not only the God of heaven, or of the past, or of tomorrow, but the God of your now.


  • Jesus needs no-one’s counsel
    Both Solomon (a wise king) and Ahaz (pragmatic and foolish) were flawed and needed counselors. Not Jesus.

‘Lord, I know that the way of man is not in Himself, it is not for him to direct his steps’ (Jer. 10:23)

In Jesus we have a sufficient Counselor who both knows it all (fully God), and feels it all (fully man).

  • None but Jesus is enough for all of life
    As the truly qualified Counselor, Jesus never pushes us further than we can go (John 16:12)
    Jesus will not protect you from the problems of life, but He will prepare you to face them honestly and with courage.

Remember! Jesus was born to be plunged into the deepest darkness. At Calvary, He was cut off so that the plague of every human heart might be overcome by the grace of His Father.

Why look anywhere else?


1. What are some of the things or people you may describe as ‘wonderful’? What is a ‘wonder’ in the Bible? Give some examples.
2. Why does Isaiah give the title ‘Wonderful’ to Jesus? Why is it easy to lose the sense of wonder at this time of the year?
3. How does Jesus differ as a counselor from all other counselors? How might this encourage us when we pray or when we find it difficult to pray?
4. Are you facing a particularly tough situation or problem? If Jesus is truly qualified to bring you through, why may He not remove it? Think of some of the people you are praying for or seeking to encourage – how does the title given to Jesus inform our efforts to help?


Photo credit Louza