Open Doors Heroes Race 2020 | 6 Km of Tervuren

Open Doors is the world’s largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk places. You have most probably guessed that the “heroes” of the “Heroes Race” are not the runners, but those whose faith remains unshaken even when faced with severe persecution.

This year we will race the 10th of October in the park of Tervuren from 12h00 to 13h00 for our brothers and sisters from North Cameroun and the project is to give them their daily needs because they need more food now due to the attack of Boko Haram who take away all they have, even their food.

This project is worthy to run for, to get funds so that we can help and support 3.000 North Cameroun brothers and sisters for the direct need they face nowadays.

Remember we are not alone, we have a lot of brothers and sisters in Belgium and in France who are also willing to run for those 3.000 Christians and above all He who gave His life for us will be with us all the time.  Even when He was on the cross, He taught of us (sinners) and He command us to do the same: to give to others what you can, without expecting anything in return, just like Him.  He died to rescue us, to free us from sin and not to make us slaves because we were already slaves => slaves of Satan by sinning and doing earthly things which are detestable to our God Almighty.

I ask you to enroll as soon as possible in the Alvarum site for Open Doors in our IBC-group   and to donate to someone.

Leave a message in the box below if you wish to contact IBC Brussels focal point