Connect group | Book club

Coordinator: Julian Chapman

Everyone who enjoys reading Christian books or would like to get more into reading Christian books is very welcome.

We are setting up a form of Book Club. At this point the idea is that at each meeting one or two people present a favourite book which they have read and are ready to share with and recommend to others. We will then use the rest of the meeting to discuss the book and the wider topic.

We are blessed to have Christian books to teach, encourage and inspire us. One of the good things about the lockdowns and restrictions is that they have given many of us more time to read. This book club gives you an opportunity to share about the best book you have read during the lockdowns! Or if there was one book you had read during your life that you wanted to share with others, what would it be? – please come along and tell us about it! Or even if you don’t have time to read, this is an easy way to get good summaries of the best books around from others! The discussions on each book will be a great way to encourage and connect with one another. 

Thursday evenings every other week from 8:15 to 9:30 starting 4th February. (Please note we will plan to meet on the other Thursday from the ‘Evangelism for the Fearful’ Connect Group which is also meeting alternate Thursdays). The Group can continue for as many weeks as we want it to. As we will be looking at different books each time, there is no obligation to attend each week.

I will send out a Zoom link to everyone who signs up to the Group shortly before the meeting.

Just enjoy being cosy and comfortable at home with a good book and good fellowship!

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