The day has come!  A warm, warm welcome to join us this Sunday, September 5 (communion service) for our last outdoors gathering.  No registration required!

From September 12, we meet indoors as usual, no registration or social-distancing, but masks are required. 

Children’s messages are continuing until Children’s church commences and tea/coffee will be served as usual after the service.

So why gather again?  And when we could so easily meet online?

Here are just two reasons, from a longer article by Dane Ortlund

‘ A virtual worship gathering is one-way participation, not two-way. You’re receiving, but you can’t give. You are seeing those leading worship, preaching, praying—but they can’t see you. They don’t see your eyes, your body, your solidarity. At best you’re a number, piping in on a livestream.

In corporate worship inside your church, not everything is scripted. You’ll greet someone you didn’t expect to see. A visitor might sit near you and you’ll get the opportunity to welcome them. You might even play a role in leading someone to Christ. From your couch, none of that happens. Everything is scripted. It’s nearly impossible to have a fortuitous interaction’

Let us look forward together to Sunday, to singing God’s praises, to being changed by His Word and Spirit, to encouraging and spurring on one another to love and good works.