Helping Hands Team – Material Help needed by Ukrainian Refugees in Belgium

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, many Ukrainian refugees have still not yet received help from the state and are suffering severe food shortages. Please see below a list of mong shelf life food stuffs needed weekly for our pantry supplies for Ukrainians in need

Boxed milk
Boxed pasta
Canned fruit in juice or water, not syrup
Canned meat
Canned vegetables in water
Dried fruit
Dry cereal
Dry soup in a bag
Fruit juice
Fruit snacks
Granola bars
Hard candy
Instant coffee
Instant hot cocoa mix
Jarred pasta sauce
Packaged dried meat like beef jerky
Peanut butter
Powdered drink mixes
Protein bars
Specialty crackers
Tea or Instant tea mix
Unsalted nuts
White rice
Freeze dried food for astronauts
Tomato sauce
Items of personal hygiene

Blessings for your generosity. 

Material Help needed by Ukrainian Refugees in Belgium

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