Christianity Explored


Jesus longs to be my friend.

Do you like to experience Him in this way?

Discover with us how friendship with Jesus changes your daily life at Christianity Explored (7weeks). Our invitation extends especially to churchgoers but is open to all.

The course will take place on a Wednesday 19.30-21.30 or

                                                on a Sunday 13.00-15.00

Together with all participants we will decide on which day the coming course will take place. A future course might be on another day of the week.

The Saturday before the last session we will have a full day (10.00-18.00)

The sessions will  take 2 hours max and finish promptly. What will we do? The half hour will not be difficult, we will take a bite and a drink. Then we will read a part of the Gospel of Mark followed by a video. We will finish with a time to discuss what we have seen and read with an opportunity to ask questions, where no question is considered stupid.

Venue: IBC, Lange Eikstraat 76-78, Wezembeek-Oppem

Registration for autumn 2017 course is closed, but you can leave your details below for being contacted for next course.