Connect group | WalkingGroup@IBC

Coordinator: Jos Sneyers

The walking grouThe walking group is an initiative to bring brothers and sisters together in a relaxed andhealthy way, which may lead to new contacts and friendships.

Walking has several advantages. Besides the fact that walking is healthy for our body, it can also have a spiritual benefit.
Walking in beautiful surroundings and relaxing in nature easily invites you to give thanks to God for His creation.
When you walk with brothers and sisters, it has an additional advantage. You can easily make contact with others. In this way you get to know other brothers and sisters better,which may result in encouraging and praying for each other where necessary. It will indeed foster fellowship.
Do take these opportunities to get to know brothers and sisters better and to enjoy rich fellowship. You are most welcome !

Everyone is welcome but not everyone has the same expectations and is in the same circumstances.
For example, a young family with small children (possibly with a buggy) will not have the same wishes as a group of youngsters. That is why minimal information from the participants is needed to meet everyone’s wishes as much as possible.

Depending on the group we can decide on distance and location, presumably in a radius of 20 km from Wezembeek-Oppem.
There is an extensive walking network between Leuven, Wezembeek–Oppem and Tervuren with many possibilities.

Depending on the wishes of the subscriber. The intention is that the walks will have a certain rhythm regardless of the season.

Please fill in the form for registration and indication of some information about your wishes and limitations….