Info leaflet

The IBC Information Leaflet is available on this website as a readable and printable PDF. You can either read it online, or download and print it.

Why print it?

Some people might like to receive an actual print-out in their hand from you. If that’s the case, go ahead and print it. You can choose a 2-color version or the B/W version.

Why NOT print it?

You save paper and ink. Instead of printing, open the PDF, save it to your computer and then you can access it any time you want to read it. If you want to send it to a friend or colleague, simply do the same and email it to that person.

Where to use this leaflet?

Here are some ideas. You probably have lots more.

Giving it to:

  • A neighbor
  • A colleague
  • A friend

Sticking it up on a noticeboard (with permission):

  • In your company
  • In your school or college
  • At your gym
  • Mothers and toddlers group
  • Local supermarket
  • Local baker’s, butcher’s etc.

Here are the two versions: