Sermons 2014

December 28 (Larry Peck, ETF)

December 24 Christmas Eve carol and message

December 21 (Roland Eskinazi)

December 14 (Roland Eskinazi)

December 7 (Roland Eskinazi)

November 30 (Roland Eskinazi)

November 23 (Ron Michener)

November 16 (Roland Eskinazi)

November 9 (Roland Eskinazi)

November 2 (James Hely Hutchinson)

October 26 (Roland Eskinazi)

October 19 (Roland Eskinazi)

October 12 (Roland Eskinazi)

October 5 (Roland Eskinazi)

September 28 (Roland Eskinazi)

September 21 (Roland Eskinazi)

September 14 (Roland Eskinazi)

September 7 (Roland Eskinazi)

August 31 (Roland Eskinazi)

August 24 (Jonathan Gemmell)

August 17 (Roland Eskinazi)


Sermon recordings missing

Due to our recent technical problems some August recordings are missing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

IBC Sound team
July 27 (Larry Peck)

  • Title: Finding and Keeping the Truth in a World that Tells You Lies
  • Scripture: Jeremiah 28:1-17
  • No recording:
    Due to some technical difficulties we were unable to record today’s sermon. With apologies, IBC Sound team

July 20 (Roland Eskinazi)

July 13 (Roland Eskinazi)

July 6 (Roland Eskinazi)

June 29 (Roland Eskinazi)

June 22 (Roland Eskinazi)

June 15 (Roland Eskinazi)

June 8 (Roland Eskinazi)

June 1 (Roland Eskinazi)

May 25 (Rick Cryder)

May 18 (Roland Eskinazi)

May 11 (Roland Eskinazi)

  • Title: So Why be Baptised?
  • Scripture: Romans 6:1-10
  • No audio

During the sermon there was a technical problem and the recording was lost. We apologize for this inconvenience. Sound team

May 4 (Roland Eskinazi)

April 27 (Roland Eskinazi)

April 20 (Roland Eskinazi)

  • Title: Jesus is Risen!
  • Scripture: Luke 24:1-12
  • Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and there is no recording. Apologies, Sound team.

April 13 (Roland Eskinazi)

April 6 (Roland Eskinazi)

March 30 (Ishak Ghatas)

March 23 (Roland Eskinazi)

March 16 (Roland Eskinazi)

March 9 (Roland Eskinazi)

March 2 (Roland Eskinazi)

February 23 (Roland Eskinazi)

  • Title: So what is True Spirituality?
  • Scripture: Philippians 3:16-21
  • No recording

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and there is no recording.
Apologies, Sound Team

February 16 (James Hely Hutchinson)

February 9 (Roland Eskinazi)

February 2 (Roland Eskinazi)

January 26 (Roland Eskinazi)

January 12 (Roland Eskinazi)

January 5 (Roland Eskinazi)

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