Jesus – the ‘Revolutionary’ Revolutionary!

Sermon on November 10 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi Scripture: Mark 12:13-17 Was Jesus political? If so, in what way? Is this only about taxes? Or about loyalty to a kingdom… 1. A REVOLUTIONARY QUESTION! (v13 – 15a) Twenty-five years before Judas the Galilean has been executed for calling on all Jews to refuse the head-tax….

It’s All About The Son!

Sermon on November 3 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi Scripture: Mark 12:1-12 Amid all the conflicts with Jesus there is a parable with a punchline. It shows God’s heart and the history of His plan. 1. IN THE PARABLE – GOD’S GRACIOUS PATIENCE! (v1-8)  A proud owner, investing the best Israel is God’s vineyard, but has…

Baptism – A New Confession for a New Creation!

Sermon on October 27 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5:17 Baptism is both a milestone and a call to us. If what we see today is a picture of what is real, is that our reality? To follow Jesus is: 1. TO MAKE A CLEAN BREAK WITH YOUR PAST! The word ‘Christian’ occurs…

Why Do People Hate Jesus?

Sermon on October 20 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi Scripture:  Mark 11:27-33 We don’t generally like people interfering in our lives – or our religion! Jesus is the ‘transcendental interferer’ (CS Lewis) 1. JESUS PUSHES ALL OUR BUTTONS! (v27) He challenges our right to our rights The authority challenge is there throughout Jesus’ ministry – and…

Being or Playing the ‘Church?’

Sermon on October 13 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi Scripture:  Mark 11:12-26 A sandwich story: a fig tree, Temple and fig tree again. A picture that what you see, or think you see is not always reality. 1. ARE WE GOOD-LOOKERS, OR FRUIT-BEARERS? (v12-14) What looks like a promising tree … Passover took place in April….