The Believer’s One Desire

Sermon on February 25 by James Hely Hutchinson – Principal, Belgian Bible Institute Scripture:  Psalm 27 1. David’s One Desire 2. Christ’s One Desire 3. The Believer’s One Desire Download the sermon (save link as…) .   Photo credit Noer

Three Watchwords for a Joyful Relationship with God

Sermon on MARCH 13 by James Hely Hutchinson – DIRECTOR OF BELGIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE Scripture:  Psalm 32 INTRODUCTION (v1-2a) 1. CANDOUR (v2b-4) 2. CONFESSION (v5-7) 3. COMPLIANCE (v8-10) CONCLUSION (v11) Download the sermon (save link as…) .

IBC sermons on video

Our video specialist Istvan Tomasovszki has a new video camera, and here is the first of his productions: James Hely Hutchinson’s challenging sermon on Psalm 73, from September 2. Istvan plans to record more sermons given at IBC Brussels. Thanks Istvan! Older videos of sermons can be found here.