The Power of a Praying Husband

I found this to be a very practical, thoughtful and helpful book. I was rather doubtful at first but was soon charmed by Mrs. Omartian’s good sense, spiritual insights and thoughtful prayers.

It’s broken down into 20 topics (e.g. a wife’s spirit, beauty, fears, sexuality, work, desires etc.) which means you can focus your prayers on particular areas of your wife’s life.

In each topic she writes an intro, some general prayer topics, some appropriate Bible verses and a specific prayer. There’s also a paragraph or two by a husband, mainly recalling some answered prayer on that particular topic.

Personally I found the author’s written prayers most helpful. I now frequently turn back to these when my wife is experiencing a particular problem. If you as a husband are looking for a way to support or encourage your wife through prayer, this is definitely a book for you. I would also recommend that churches give a copy to every guy getting married in that church.