Report on the Men’s “Selah” Retreat


Nicolas Aleman reports …

Deep in the ArdennesDear Brothers and Sisters, during the Selah Retreat in the Ardennes I spent a wonderful day of fellowship with God, our Savior and with Jesus, our hope. The objective is to stay one entire day alone with God. By the end of the day I could feel that my prayers, my requests and my thanksgivings to God were deeper. It is a great feeling.

I do pray every day to keep the Devil away but spending an entire day in a Retreat made me realize the ground of my faith is more solid because I got very close to the Lord. This was a day where I could spend time to appreciate all the things he has created: the variety of flowers, of trees, of birds, of smells and of landscapes.

As Paul wrote to Timothy in First Timothy, Chapter 4, Verse 4: “Everything that God created is good; nothing is to be rejected, but everything is to be received with a prayer of thanks.”

I spent an entire day thanking God for all his creation. I had a wonderful day because I felt the satisfaction of God.

Thanks to John for the organization and thanks to Jane and Julian for their graceful hospitality. AMEN.


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