Adult Sunday School

IBC’s new Adult Sunday School program is looking at the Spiritual Disciplines, and how they can help us develop a living, growing authentic relationship with God. Our goal is to help answer the questions, “How does a Christian live a holy life?” “What exactly is a believer supposed to do to develop his spiritual life?”, and “What habits should we practice if we hope to live as Jesus Christ lived?” We are indebted to our (hopefully) soon-to-be-arriving Interim Pastor, Rick Cryder, for this material.

What is a Spiritual Discipline?

  • An activity within our power, which gives God room to occupy our lives.
  • An activity within our power through which God may give us abilities beyond our power.
  • An activity, which puts us in a position to receive God’s grace.

Practicing the spiritual disciplines does not guarantee spiritual growth because we cannot manipulate God. However, it does demonstrate obedience that God may chose to bless with His grace. The primary disciplines which we will look at are Study, Prayer, Solitude & Silence, Service, Fellowship, Fasting, Celebration and Simplicity. Here’s what to expect: Sunday School rota Fall 2012

Adult Sunday School takes place in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday morning (except the first Sunday of the month which is the Church Prayer Meeting) between 9:45 and 10:45. Coffee is available before the meeting starts.