Prayer at IBC

praying handsPrayer is the foundation of all our ministries and activities at IBC. In addition to prayer being a key component of our individual lives and homegroups, we have corporate prayer in each Sunday worship service, and a monthly church prayer meeting (first Sunday of the month at 10:00). Our Prayer Ministry Team Leader Francoise Thonet also runs a prayer homegroup and organizes a number of prayer events. The program for autumn 2012 is as follows:

Prayer Ministry Agenda, Fall 2012


  • 26-29: House of Prayer Seminary at Commission prayer room, Bd Charlemagne, Brussels.
  • 28-29: Prayer home group at IBC.


  • 6-7: 24H prayer, with special prayer meeting at IBC, 6 October 6-8 pm
  • 7: Church prayer meeting, 10-10:45 in Fellowship Hall
  • 11: Prayer homegroup (presentation of Prayer Ministry)


  • 3-4: Week-end PO at Savigny Le Temple near Paris.
  • 4: Church prayer meeting, 10-10:45 in Fellowship Hall
  • 9: Youth night on the secret church (to be confirmed)
  • 11: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
  • 24: Filipino homegroup at Dany and Marie’s (presentation of prayer ministry)
  • 26: 7 pm – annual meeting of Prayer4Belgium, at commission prayer room.


  • 1-2: 24H prayer and on Saturday 1st: Candlelight prayer
  • 2: Church prayer meeting, 10-10:45 in Fellowship Hall

If you are interested in any of these events, or would like to mention a specific prayer request, please email Francoise

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