How to Send Prayer Requests

Many of you have been sending us prayer requests using the contact form on the website. Frans and Françoise have an important message about prayer requests and how to send them in the future:

We are excited to inform you that as we proceed to strengthen prayer at IBC, we have registered a dedicated prayer e-mail address.

If you have a prayer request, you do not need to wait anymore for Sunday morning, you can send the request anytime and it will be distributed to the prayer team.

If you want us to publish your prayer request in the Sunday Bulletin, you can indicate that, otherwise it will be considered confidential within the prayer teams only.

Please use this tool to also share answers to prayer to allow us to join you in celebrating God’s mighty hand at work in IBC, Brussels and beyond our borders.

Happy prayer time and let us expect God to do wonderful things in this world.

Remember, you are not in Brussels by accident, God has a purpose for you being here in this time and age!

Frans and Françoise

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  1. Didi Hegnauer says:

    This is an excellent idea…I’m very happy we’re back to having a “prayer chain” and really hope many people will choose to join it!
    It is a huge blessing to see the Lord at work!

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