Global Day of Prayer 2014


“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

(2 Chronicles 7: 14)

Global day of prayer 

A Worldwide Day of Prayer,

on Pentecost Sunday

June 8, 2014

& 10 Days of 24 hr Prayer Chains,

beginning Ascension Day

Brief History

This special initiative began in South Africa (Cape Town) in 2001, and in just a few years has grown into the biggest prayer meeting ever. In 2009, all 220 countries joined in! Prayer went on in football stadiums, cathedrals, schools, town squares or simple living rooms, sometimes with only a few people, sometimes with dozens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands. In some countries Ministers and Presidents joined in, while newspapers and television crews covered the story…

The prayer focus is that God will bless the nations so that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge and glory of the Lord”. (Habakkuk 2:14) Many international prayer organizations have joined forces for this event. They want to form a “canopy of prayer” above all the continents. Such a beautiful signal of unity cannot leave the Lord’s heart unmoved and will have a great spiritual effect on this planet.

There is a threefold strategy:

  • On the day of Pentecost prayer meetings will be held simultaneously, and in some countries whole football stadiums will be taken over. In Belgium we are aiming for one prayer meeting in every town. Smaller cities can join together with others in their area and in large cities there is room for more meetings. For this to take place, we need at least one leader per town who will (1) take the initiative, (2) collaborate with other churches and (3) communicate the details to this website : overview of the local GDOP-meetings. See  the document “instructions” on how to take up the initiative.
  • In the ten days leading up to Pentecost (i.e. beginning from Ascension Day) we will set up 24hr prayer chains in as many places as possible. This follows the example of the first disciples, who spent ten days united in fervent prayer, waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In Belgium we are aiming this year for one prayer chain per town (or per region). The ideal would be to have ten churches each filling 24 hours with prayer.
  • During the 90 days after Pentecost we want to proclaim a special “time of grace” to reach out in evangelization and other activities to help those in need.

What can you do?

  • Check with the overview of GDOP-meetings if the initiative has been taken up in your town/area for an evening prayer meeting. If so, then get in touch with the coordinator and join this meeting.
  • If not, then perhaps you will have to take the initiative yourself (see “Instructions”). Please do not wait for too long, but keep your ear to the ground and get something moving in your town! Get in touch with the other churches, decide together on the place, the time and the programme, and pass this info on the list on this website.
  • All the materials can be downloaded : a folder giving general information, a poster, a press release, the instructions on organising the prayer evening, tips on setting up a prayer chain, a list with prayer topics for the ten days, and the “Prayer for the World”.
  • The press release can be published in magazines. You can also watch a PowerPoint Presentation, or enjoy the really inspiring video clip (4 min.) summarising last year’s GDOP, or a video clip on 24 hour prayer (3 min. or 14 min.)
  • Dvd with inspiring video clips on the subject of prayer can be ordered from the e-mail address below (free gift).
  • Spend during the Pentecost Sunday Meeting a special time of prayer of 15-20 minutes. A special “Prayer for the World” has been written, that will be read out and prayed worldwide.
  • As many as possible should try to attend the closing prayer evening on Pentecost Sunday in your town or area (see the address & time on the overview of GDOP-meetings).
  • For all documents and materials: click here


Info? Ignace Demaerel, tel 02/2452512; email:

At IBC contact: office[at]

The central website is:

Any financial support for this project will be most welcome on the following bank account : “Prayer Belgium”, 979-6353088-78.

Recommendation Committee : Evangelische Alliantie Vlaanderen, Alliance Evangélique Francophone de Belgique, Youth With A Mission, Operation Mobilization, Antioch Net, Impact Brussels, Serve the City

Pray4belgium Committee : Albert Leclercq, Carlton Deal, Carol Britton, Claude Lefèbvre, Daniel Costanza, Eugenia Daskalopoulou, Françoise Thonet, Ignace Demaerel, John Jupe, John van der Dussen, Koen Celis, Laurent Cayron, Nestor Kamuanga, Philip Quarles van Ufford, Rocky Gathright, Roger Lefèbvre, Willy De Vylder, Wout van Wijngaarden

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