Plaisirs de Servir – Register NOW!

On December 5 Serve the City organizes ‘Plaisirs de Servir’.
Our volunteers will serve the many partner organizations we work with in Brussels.
As a part of ‘Plaisirs de Servir’, Serve the City collects food, toiletries and winter clothing to fill gift bags/boxes, which are distributed to people in need.

Register here to be part of the Team on December 5.

We meet all where the boxes will be assembled, have a briefing for the entire group and then we will share work and projects – therefore there is no need to choose a specific project in advance.

In addition there will be some special season events for the volunteers!

Schedule for the day – ‘Plaisirs de Servir’:

  • Briefing: 12:30 – 13:00, location to be announced
  • Serving: 14:00 – 16:00 (various projects and organizations, guided by project leaders)
  • Debriefing: 16:30, same location as briefing

We would be grateful if you could collect products within your networks; your colleagues, friends and family that will fill our gift bags/boxes or by assembling complete gift bags/boxes yourself.
A gift bag/box can contain the following products:

  • Canned Food, no pork
    For example: canned soup, canned tuna, canned couscous
  • Sweet items
    For example: chocolate, sweets, waffles, cookies
  • Soft drinks or juices
    For example: cola, orange juice
  • Oral hygiene products
    For example: toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouth wash
  • Toiletries
    For example: shampoo, shower gel, razor cream, razors
  • Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Socks, no other clothing
  • Little presents for adults
    For example: nail polish, nail clipper or file, notebook and pen

The collected items can be dropped off latest the week before ‘Plaisirs de Servir’ at:

If you are passionate about giving gift bags/boxes, and you are short on time, or live far from our Serve the City office, then it is also possible to make a financial donation via GoFundMe. A €10 donation will cover one gift bag/box.