Why is Jesus God’s Greatest Gift?

Sermon on December 13 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Isaiah 9 : 1 – 7


God often chooses the worst of times to show His people what He can do. The choice that God’s people faced in Isaiah’s day is the same we face in every generation! Advent is the time to consider God’s ultimate solution to our greatest need.
If you have Jesus you have:

  1. All God’s wisdom when your life needs guiding!
    ‘… Wonderful Counsellor’

  2. All God’s power when your knees are knocking!
    ‘… Mighty God’ 

  3. All God’s love when your burdens are crushing!
    ‘… Everlasting Father’ 

  4. All God’s peace when your heart is failing!
    ‘… Prince of Peace’

Remember! Although we have ignored the Maker’s Plan, rebelled against His power, denied His paternity and distanced ourselves from His peace, He has come to the world in Jesus. Without Jesus, possessing everything, we really have nothing. With Jesus, possessing nothing, we really have everything.

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