Are You Living in Volume II ?

Sermon on February 28 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  1 Peter 4:1-6

What is God’s will for those who have embraced Christ by faith? Peter calls us to live out three gospel commitments that keep us focused on His call to holiness.

If you would live for God’s will:


  • Living for Jesus is dying to sin (v1)

“Every Christian’s biography is in two volumes.” (John Stott)
Those who live in Volume II (life after faith in Jesus) have his mindset (Rom 6: 1-7). They have broken with the old life and choose sacrifice over ease.

  • Living for Jesus is desiring what’s best (v2)

‘Arm yourself’ is a doing word. We do not just fall into pursuing holiness. (1Thess 4:3) Joseph could resist temptation because he put on the right mindset.


  • Be master, not slave of your passions (v3)

One moment of sin is always one moment too much. Faith is realizing that God is
much, much better than sinful desires.

  • Be prepared, not surprised by the response (v4)

‘No. He didn’t even mention religion. I just had a bad round.’ (Professional golfer after playing with Billy Graham)


  • Don’t stress – let Jesus be Judge (v5)

When you know there is a final judgement and all volumes will be open, it spurs you on to keep first things first

  • Don’t cringe – Jesus reigns forever (v6)

Remember! Jesus is the only reason why any-one can make a clean break with sin – and pursue holiness. He is the reason that all His adversaries will be judged, and all His family declared righteous. One moment in sin is always a moment too much! Embrace God’s will to live up to who you are – fully devoted to His will because you are living in Volume II.


  1. In the light of this passage what is God’s will for you and for every Christian? Read Romans 6:1-10. Why are Christians to turn away from the behaviors and attitudes of their former lives?
  2. Perhaps even in your pre-Christian days you never engaged in the kinds of activities that Peter describes in v3. Even if you were outwardly moral, how specifically has the Lord rearranged your priorities and values?
  3. Why is it wrong to tell those who have not yet trusted in Jesus that life will go well if only they put their faith in Him? Think of some ways Christians are abused in other nations? Why should we not seek revenge even when ill-treated?
  4. Spend some time in prayer. What will keep us from becoming lazy or indifferent in the pursuit of holiness? Identify such attitudes in your life is you see them and ask the Lord to give you His mind and passions.

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