Reading the Depth of our Lord’s Being as He approaches the cross

Sermon on MARCH 20 by Rev. Ishak Ghatas (Pastor of the Arabic Protestant Baptist Church, Brussels)

Scripture: JOHN 12 : 27 – 36


Jesus revealed how the crisis of the cross affected him. Nevertheless, he boldly anticipated the Glory they bring

I. Painful Anticipations v27-29

The Troubled Soul of Jesus
Obedience leads to glory

II. Anticipations of Conflict and Victory v30-33

The Judgement of the World
The Judgement of Satan
The Victory of Drawing People back to God

III. Calling for People’s Obedience v34-36

The Misunderstanding and the Explanation
Warning of Disobedience
Blessings of Obedience


Jesus has left an example for us to follow
The urgent call of Jesus is relevant for today

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