Even Kings bow before their Mothers!

Sermon on MAY 8 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Proverbs 1: 7-9 and 31: 23-31

The same King Solomon who wrote much of Proverbs bowed before his mother, Batsheba (1 Kings 2:19). Why should we honour our mothers?

Honour godly mothers because :

1. FAMILY IS GOD’S PLAN, NOT MAN’S!                 (Prov. 1:8)

Solomon takes for granted that the family (father and mother) is God’s plan for a godly society.
Others can teach children about Christ and His love for sinners but only a parent can ‘bring it home’.

2. FAMILY IS GOD’S SCHOOL, EVERYTIME!           (Prov. 1:8 ; Prov. 31: 20-26)

Our children can be influenced by others. But Solomon became who he was at the College of Life and feet of his mother.
Moms, biblical motherhood is a great calling…

“Every word and deed of a parent is a fibre woven into the character of a child…a fibre that ultimately determines how that child fits into the fabric of society”.


   ‘…your father’s instruction and your mother’s teaching.’    (Prov. 1:8a)

In a culture that downplays motherhood in the home, remember Lois and Eunice (1 Tim. 1 3,4; 1 Tim. 3:14,15)

Moms, strive to be as wise as Batsheba. Ask the Lord to make you as faithful as Sarah, as prayerful as Hannah, as kind as Ruth, as joyful as Elizabeth and as humble as Mary.

4. FAMILY IS GOD’S GIFT, DON’T WASTE IT!  (Prov. 1:9; Prov. 31:25 – 31)

If the family is God’s gift, a godly mother is part of the family’s reward.
Moms, your challenge is not to lasso your child into God’s family, but to make His wisdom attractive as you wear it in your life.

Remember, if you are a child always make much of your mother! Mom, you may not always feel like it but you are a queen.

”She could not paint, nor write, nor rhyme Her footprints on the sands of time;
As some distinguished women do;
Just simple things of life she knew;
She was no singer, neither blessed, With any special loveliness;
To win applause and passing fame;
No headlines ever blazed her name.
But oh she was a shining light, to all her loved ones, day and night!
Her home her kingdom, she its queen;
Her reign was faithful, honest, clean;
Impartial, loving, just, to each ;
and every one she sought to teach.
Her name? Of course, there is no other;
in all the world so sweet – just Mother.”


  1. Why does God honor motherhood? Why did King Solomon bow before his mother? In what way had Batsheba shaped and influenced his life do you think?
  2. In what ways is the family under attack today? Give a biblical definition of a family? Why should we promote and cling to God’s definition of a family? How is the mother’s role integral to a family?
  3. How if you are single lady and not yet married would you apply Prov. 31 to your life? Would it be wrong for a mother to both work in and out of the home in a career, based on this text? If you are a single man and would like to be married, how will Prov. 31 help you in seeking a woman after God’s heart?
  4. Now give thanks for your mother. Think of how you can encourage her and make her feel like a queen in this day and week.

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