The Benedictus: When You are Too Busy for God!

Sermon on DECEMBER 4 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Luke 1 : 67 – 79

We make our lives busy – and busier still over this season. How can we be more busy with faith than fuss over Advent?
If you find yourself too busy for God:


  • We run ahead, but God is never too hasty (see Luke 1: 18-20)
    Before praise, God gifts Zechariah with nine months of silence. Turn off the noise and open your ears to God’s voice!
  • We lag behind, but God is always a step ahead (v67-68, v78)
    If it takes 2000 years to prepare for the coming of Jesus, this must be big!
    When God interrupts your life, remember that His will for you is not just for the moment but for the long haul.


  • Run to Jesus, for total liberty (v71 -77)
    Advent reminds us that our need is not for a national but an ultimate liberator who can free us up from sin and Satan.
  • Rest in Jesus, for skillful guidance (v 78-79)
    Busyness can come through anxiety – mixing our circle of responsibility with our circle of concern.
    Jesus is both the Light and Guide into the light. He keeps us from falling, moves us in the right direction and gets us home.
  • Rejoice in Jesus, our exalted Victor (v69)

‘There I will make a horn grow for David and set up a lamp for my anointed one. I will clothe his enemies with shame, but his head will be adorned with a radiant crown.’
(Ps. 132:17)

The babe in the cradle is the One who will bring peace to the nations, toss His enemies like dust and make all things news.
How precious is Jesus to you? The answer to that will set the pace for your life, your time and your busyness over this Advent.
Make room in your heart for Jesus. Build in silence over this time. Use your giving and gifts to make much of Jesus.

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1. Think of the week that lies ahead. What will keep you busy? Zechariah was busy about God’s business, yet not silent enough to believe His voice. Could we fall into the same trap? Think of some ways you can build in silence and reflection into this time of Advent

2. Has God ever kept you waiting? Think of some examples from the Bible where God used waiting in the lives of His people. If it took 2000 years to prepare for the coming of Jesus, how should this encourage us now? Read Psalm 131. David’s life was a busy life. When we are too busy trying to prove ourselves, how can we find the stillness that David did?

3. As you read Zechariah’s song use your own words to describe why Jesus alone can bring liberty, give rest and provide hope in life. Now pray that the Lord will make us more joyful in waiting and more confident in the plans He is working out for us.

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