COME Step out of the Boat

Sermon on March 26 by Dave Navarra, OM Zaventem

Scripture: Matthew 14 : 22 – 33

To Step out of the Boat…

1) Discern God’s Call & Take the step (vs. 25-29)

  • Become Familiar with the voice of God who says “I AM” – Exodus 3:14

2) Manage Failure through Grace of the Cross (vs. 29-30)

3) Battle distractions by keep your eyes on Jesus (vs. 30-32)

What “boat” do you need to step out of to draw near to Jesus?

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Re-Read Matthew 14:22-33

  1. What boat do you need to (or continue) to step out of?
  2. Share what usually holds you back from having faith to step out?
  3. What distractions are keeping you from fixing your eyes on Jesus?
  4. Are there practices (habits or disciplines) that would help you better remain focused on Jesus this week? What might they be?




Photo credit Ayame