The Light for All Seasons!

Sermon on December 9 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture: Isaiah 8:19-9:7

We were made to live in the light. Here is a promise of a child who can deliver all we need.
Jesus is the Light for all seasons because:

What was the darkness? The people of Judah were trusting in other kings, other gods and their own unfaithful leaders.

  • Jesus is a timely Saviour – from the yoke of oppression
    700 years later, one yoke (Assyrian) is exchanged for another (Roman). Jesus calls not for arms, but repentance.
    ‘Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles – the people living in darkness have seen a great light, on those living in the shadow of death a light has dawned’ (Mat. 4:15-16)
  • Jesus is a heavenly Saviour – beyond our comprehension
    Verse 6 is as close as the Old Testament gets to the mystery of the incarnation.
    Since He comes as a child, and not a bully, and is the Son, not merely human, only His shoulders can govern the world.

2. WHAT WE NEED MOST, HE IS! (9:6-7)

  • In Jesus, clarity and not confusion       ‘Wonderful Counsellor’
    Jesus is the only Counsellor who has all wisdom in Himself.
    Trust Him – if He is never wrong, He will not lead you astray.
  • In Jesus, security and not instability       ‘El Gibbor’ (Mighty God)
    Jesus has all power to crush any opposition to His will.
    Trust Him – where else will you find safety in an unstable world?
  • In Jesus, sensitivity and not impatience ‘Everlasting Father’
    Jesus the Son is father-like – never too busy, or preoccupied or indifferent.
    Trust Him – He will never find you too dull or too complex to give you what you need when you need it.
  • In Jesus, tranquillity and not turmoil       ‘Prince of Peace’
    Jesus is the only One whose peace, like His rule, is eternal
    ‘… of the greatness of His peace there will be no end’
    Trust Him – only Jesus can give peace within, and restore a day of no more broken relationships or war of any kind.

Remember! Advent calls us to fill or heart afresh with Jesus. As you do He will increase all your joys and shrink all your fears.


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1. Are there any similarities between the darkness over Judah, and the darkness over our culture today? If people are in bondage, what is the worst darkness and oppression as far as God is concerned?
2. Why is the solution that God gives both ‘a child’ and ‘a Son’? What does this tell us about Jesus?
3. Look at each of the titles give to Jesus in verse 6. How does each correspond to our every need?
4. How does this passage help you to pray over this Advent, and to long for the final New Day promised here?


Photo credit W.Berg