The Spirit of Adoption

Sermon on March 24 by Youth Pastor Mattias Demaerel

Scripture:  John 3:1-12


-The game changer in God’s redemptive purposes in the new Covenant-

Intro: How the Spirit of Adoption changed John Wesley’s life.
Game Changer #1: Our view of God:
-> The Old Testament view of ‘Adonai’ vs. The New Testament view of ‘Abba’
John 17:4: “I have finished the work (…) I have declared to them Your Name”

  • Which particular ‘work’ is Jesus talking about? What sticks out most about Him and His teaching during His three-year ministry?
  • Could it be that the apostles were stunned when Jesus taught them how to pray?

Game Changer #2: God’s view of His people
-> The Old Testament Institute vs. The New Testament Movement:
John 1:8 “He was not that light”

  • Why does God change his ‘modus operandi’ so drastically after Pentecost?
  • What are we to make of Jesus’ saying in Matthew 11:11? Is this something we live up to?
    One of the biggest plot-twists in human history: the mystery of the church.

Game Changer #3: Our view of ourselves
-> The Old Testament limits of salvation vs. The New Testament beauty of redemption:

  • The eight steps of redemption. (Ephesians 1:4 “Before the foundation of the world”)
  • The depth of Romans 8: the Spirit of Adoption! (Romans 8:19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.)

God is our loving Father, we are His sons and daughters, and the church is His family. If we are not living as His sons and daughters, then the church will not look or feel much like His family. If the church does not live as His family, then the world will not easily receive the revelation of the Father, which is the Good News about salvation in Jesus Christ.


  • How/when are you going to receive the love of the Father this week? He pours it out in your heart through His Holy Spirit (see Romans 5:5)
  • Which area in your life still bears the mark of orphanhood? Will you allow God to further His work of redemption this week? Will you give Him the opportunity to restore you into whom He had in mind before the foundation of the world?
  • Do you live your Christian life more as a servant or as a son/daughter of God? When you pray, do you address God as ‘Father’? Have you allowed the Spirit of Sonship to renew you from the inside out? Does He bear witness with your spirit that you are a child of God? Do you wake up in the morning, confident in this game-changing, paradigm-shifting and life-altering revelation? Can anything be the same as before?



Photo credit Adrian , Canada