Stooping for the sake of others

Sermon on November 17 by Jimmy Martin, General Secretary of the International Baptist Convention

Scripture:   Philippians 2:3-11

  • We spend a great deal of time and energy trying to obtain status, resources and influence.
  • Humility is the choice to…
    Forego status,
    Deploy your resources, or
    Use your influence
    For the good of others before yourself.
  1. The Humility of Christ
    • We see it in His birth
    • Listen to his teaching
    • Look at his life choices
    • We see his humility in His death
  2. Our Example to Follow
    • Putting a Face on Humility
    • Taking the First Step toward Humility

We have a perfect Savior who stooped to serve us. He gave us an example that, if we will follow, will make a world of difference.



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