Week of Fasting and Prayer | IBC Brussels (January 19 to 26)

As the New Year has dawned can there be a better way of hungering after God than by fasting and prayer together as a church family? Andrew Murray, the missionary statesman, defines fasting by showing how it works so naturally with prayer:

 ‘Prayer needs fasting for its full growth.  Prayer is the one hand with which we grasp the invisible.  Fasting is the other hand, the hand with which we let go of the visible..fasting helps to express, to deepen and to confirm  the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves, to attain the Kingdom of God’
(‘With Christ in the School of Prayer’)

The elders would therefore like to encourage as many as are able to join with us in a voluntary fast January 19 to 26.  We are not looking to impress God, even as we seek Him earnestly (Ps. 63:1-5).   The  aim is to sincerely use one of the means He Has given us  for the purpose intended:  to hunger  for more of His Spirit’s work among us and  to foster more thirst for God’s righteousness  and glory in our lives and among the nations (Psalm 72 and Mat. 5:6).

Please read the introduction to fasting, examples of it in God’s Word and a few practical items to effective fasting prepared by IBC Elders

Please note that you are free to fast or not to fast as the Lord leads.  The way you choose to fast e.g. to skip one or more meals a day, or forego something from your diet, or in any other way depends on your constitution and health.  We urge you to be prudent.

Prayer pointers for the prayer and fasting:

  • Our personal lives:   A greater hunger for God and His righteousness in our lives in 2020.
  • Our church family:  The Holy Spirit to give greater conviction where sin among us is hindering growth.  Also a firmer commitment to pursue godliness as singles, married couples and families.
  • Our community, schools, colleges and workplaces :  A winsome witness and opportunities to share the gospel
  • Our nation and world:  spiritual awakening and the nations to find satisfaction in Christ alone.

Pastor Roland will be preaching this Sunday and next on fasting, the why? (theology of fasting) and the how? (our posture in fasting).

We encourage the following opportunities in the week:

  • The prayer room will be available for those who are free during the day and wish to pray, either on your own or with others who may be there  from Monday 20 to Friday 24  Jan 10.00 to 16.00
  • All the Home Groups which normally meet this week will be gathering to pray and we would encourage you if you don’t normally attend to seize the opportunity and join one.
  • As usual our men will meet for Prayer on Wednesday 22nd at 7.15 a.m.

May the Lord use this for His glory alone and may our fasting become sweeter as our hunger reaches out to God.

Questions? Please speak to Pastor and Elders or use the contact form below


Photo credit FreeImages.com/Sasa Peric