Do you own a GPS?

If so, you know a panoramic view assists us in navigating a journey.

As we journey by faith, a survey of the Bible adds important dimensions.

Surveying the New Testament provides 5 distinct advantages for life’s journey.

1.    Seeing the overview of each book’s purposeful structure.

2.    Tracing key verses and themes that give each book a unique message.

3.    Grasping Luke-Acts and Paul’s remarkable journeys that produced 13 letters.

4.    Discovering relationships between the Gospels and Epistles that guide believers.

5.    Learning how disciples followed Jesus Christ’s instructions to make more disciples.

Please join us for our new Adult Bible Series 10.00 each Sunday from February 13 led by Fred Young.  We will use 5 sessions to accomplish this survey: February 13, 20, 27, March 13, 20, and the 27th as a wrap-up for questions and answers. 

We would ask that you kindly register right away below as it will assist us in choosing the right room in the church building…….