HERITAGE BUILDERS | Sat. Nov 12 10.00 – 15.15

Are you a parent who wants to pass on the faith to your children?  To equip them well to stand in the culture?

Join us for


Sat. Nov 12 10.00 – 15.15  (Lunch included)

Heritage Builders exists to educate, train, and equip families to become intentional  about passing on a spiritual heritage to their children.

The importance of a heritage

We believe building a heritage for your family is one of the most important things. Every family has a heritage – a spiritual, emotional and social legacy passed from one generation to the next. The question is what sort of heritage are you leaving your children? Through Heritage Builders, we as parents have the unique opportunity to intentionally craft the heritage we will pass to our children and grandchildren. 

Are values caught or taught? As parents, we know that our children grow up and learn our various idiosyncrasies by just being around us. The old saying, “do as I say, not as I do” has had tragic consequences – even in Christian homes.
As our children grow older, our influence decreases and outside influences increase.  therefore, now is the time to PLAN and IMPLEMENT what you need to intentionally teach or pass onto your children. This will help them to make good decisions to the many challenges they will face in the years ahead.
What if you didn’t receive a strong spiritual heritage from your own parents? Heritage Builders helps you to overcome a weak heritage and will help you give your children and grandchildren what you didn’t get.

The program

Heritage Builders is a program based on four key areas. Through these you, as parents can creatively plan to pass your faith onto your children. The program includes discussions and activities to help you develop skills and strategies to equip you to commence the heritage building process in your family. 

Session 1: Your heritage      10.00 to 11.00

What is your vision for your family?

In this first session you will understand how the three- fold heritage chord (emotional, spiritual, social) ties a family to their past; gives security in the present, and gives hope for the future. 

Session 2:  Family Fragrance and Traditions     11.30 to 12.30

Every family’s home has a fragrance. Is yours one of peace, order, comfort and fun? In this session you are encouraged to create a home environment that fosters the sweet Christ-centered AROMA (Affection, Respect, Order, Merriment and Affirmation) of love. Also discover how positive traditions and family ‘milestones’ will establish and reinforce a strong sense of family identity. 

Session 3:  Family Moments     13.15 to 14.45

Creating special, teachable moments with your children is one of your most precious and sometimes difficult responsibilities.
Explore how to use moments to imprint positive, lasting impressions on the hearts and minds of your family. These times will develop in your children a positive self-image of who they are and how to think and act in different situations of life. 

Session 4:  Share your own family story   14.45 to 15.15 

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