The new IBC Brussels website

The new IBC Brussels website consists of two types of content:

The pages above the top photograph – About Us, Ministries, Events, Sermons etc. – give basic information about IBC, and will be of special interest to non-IBC members and visitors. They will give you an overview of IBC Brussels and how you can find us and join us. If you are interested in coming along to a service for the first time, the What to Expect page is a good place to start.

The posts below are our online church magazine. They cover the latest news, events and happenings in IBC Brussels and the wider Christian church. Although mainly for the benefit of IBC Brussels members, anyone is free to browse through them.

Here are some tips to make the most of the website:

  • Email Subscription – simply add your email address here and every time a new post is added to the magazine section you will get an email informing you. This means you don’t miss anything important.
  • Categories – if you want to check all the posts in a certain category (Children, Youth, Homegroups, Book Reviews etc.) you can find them here.
  • Comments – the website is totally interactive. Feel free to add a comment to a post and we will reply. Dialogue is encouraged!
  • Search button (bottom of website) – to find something specific on the IBC website.
  • Blogroll – interesting links to other websites. If you have one, suggest it!