Summer Fellowship Day

Julian Chapman reports …

We have been having two or three Fellowship Days a year through the seasons over the last eight years at the Les Pierres Blanches Guest House down in the Ardennes. Each time the Lord brings together a completely different group for the day from among our IBC family and it is a great opportunity to get to know new people outside our home groups and Sunday morning coffee huddles.

As usual, our summer IBC Fellowship Day was particularly laid back. Guests drifted in through the morning, conversations unfolded, kids began their exploration of house and garden, a number of ladies and one or two men congregated in the kitchen to ensure there was sufficient food on the lunch table. There always is sufficient and again the great variety of international dishes on the table reflected our wonderful diversity at IBC.

After lunch Jane led us with her guitar in a beautiful and uplifting time of worship choruses. As we sang, the rain clouds lifted and we were able to make our traditional walk down to the lovely River Lesse, stopping on the old stone bridge for our equally traditional photo. Once more the Lord spoke to us through His very green Creation as we formed a happy band of pilgrims from the four corners of the earth, wandering through this little Ardennes village and bearing witness to the unity we have in His love.

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