Women’s Evening Bible Study

The Women’s Evening Bible Study (WEBS) takes place at IBC on the 3rd Tuesday evening of every month. WEBS is an excellent opportunity for women of all ages and nationalities to get together to study the Word, build relationships, and find encouragement for daily living. Why not join the discussion?

A WEBS evening kicks off at 19:15 with a cup of coffee or tea while you get to make new friends or strengthen existing friendships. The study itself starts at 19:30 and finishes at 21:30. If you are arriving by metro, pick-up at Kraainem metro station is at 19:15.

This term the study book is “The Quiet Time Companion”. This book is designed to help you begin and make the most of your own daily meetings with God. It offers a fresh approach to Bible study each week to keep your quiet times stimulating and challenging. You’ll also learn a variety of Bible study skills that will last a lifetime. With The Quiet Time Companion you’ll gain a thorough overview of the whole Bible. Each week you’ll find five Bible studies designed to occupy about twenty minutes daily. These include:

  • Whole book studies overviewing major themes
  • Detailed studies of short passages
  • Topical studies on important aspects of the Christian life
  • Character studies of fascinating people in the Bible
  • Word studies of key biblical concepts

A reviewer on Amazon wrote: “I just love this guide. I use it every day to start my day at work. It really gets me to meditate on God’s wonderful word. It is so great, that I am buying it for a friend.”

For further information on WEBS, including the full dates of meetings in the 2011-2012 season, go to this page. For metro pick-up or if you have any other questions on WEBS, please complete the form below and one of the WEBS coordinators will get back to you as soon as possible:

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