How To Invest in Life!

Sermon on JANUARY 17 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Ecclesiastes 11

Life is short. If it were a dream, we could fold our arms and be indifferent. How shall we live and invest, with no regrets?

If you would invest in life :


  • Live generously – what you give will come back (v1-3)
  • Live generously – time waits for no-one (v4-5)

We are not to live in this world as ‘the nowhere –man, knowing not what he is going to’! Faith flourishes in uncertainty, so put your faith to work! (Mat. 25:14-28) 


  • Believing is knowing what you must do – and getting on with the job

No duty should be done with half a heart, or half a hand. Let not your heart be absent — while your hand is at work. All that is worth doing is worth doing well. Seek the way of working quietly, with sober diligence, and peaceful energy and thus, whatever you do, you will do it with all your might.
(George Mylne)

  • Believing is loving what you do – and enjoying God in the midst of it

Living boldly does not mean you will always be busy. It is learning to enjoy God for His perfect timing in every season.


  • Get into God early!

‘I felt totally, absolutely alone…and I probably was alone because I had pretty much abandoned God’
(David Bowie, 1947-2016)

  • Keep the finishing-post in front of your eyes

Remember! Your life is going to slip away quickly. What will you do with this chapter of life? Wise living is investing in Christ and the kingdom.

‘But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’
(Jesus, Mat 6:33)


  1. Read Ecclesiastes 1 where the Preacher describes a meaningless life ‘under the sun’. If this life is all there is, why is it meaningless?
  2. Is life supposed to be sad and miserably difficult? Why, or why not? Does the Preacher describe the Christian life as ‘letting go and letting God’? What does it mean to cast your bread upon the waters of your times?
  3. Does living boldly and joyfully for Christ mean that you will always be busy? Think of times in your own life when you went through ‘days of darkness’? What encouraged you and sustained you?
  4. What is the way of happiness for all people, young or old? When is youth and vigour meaningless? When is it not? How will you approach life differently because of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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