When You Have Only God to Turn To!

Sermon on February 21 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  1 Peter 3:18-22

The second part to what is arguably be the most difficult passage in the New Testament! Do you need encouragement in suffering? Learn from Noah …

When you only have God to turn to


  • We must stand alone without losing heart

Noah was the only light in a world gone crazy – and God vindicated him (Gen.6:9)
“I was convinced that it was the right thing to honor God and follow his commandments. Observing the Lord’s Day is a great privilege and brings with it loads of blessings.” (Dan Walker, BBC sports presenter)

  • We must stand tall without tripping up

With every nail into the ark Noah was preaching righteousness (2 Pet. 2:5). Does your walk with God make you stand taller?


  • Trusting fully in God’s provision

All Noah had to go on was the bare word of God (Gen 7:5). As he and his family were saved by the ark, so only those who find refuge in Jesus, God’s only way of salvation will be saved.

  • Persevering quietly in God’s silence

Even after five long months locked in the ark, Noah had to be patient another two months. What delays is God using in your life to polish you for the future?

  • Submitting publicly to God’s ruler

Noah and his family were saved through water by getting into the ark. For the early believers, baptism was part of their confession of Jesus. Not the removal of dirt from the body – but the appeal of a good conscience towards God.

Remember! Jesus is our ultimate encouragement. He is the meaning behind baptism, the Hope of all who believe, and the vindication of their faith. So we learn from Noah, but we look to Jesus, crucified, risen, ascended – and coming again


  1. Does becoming a Christian exclude us from disappointment and discouragement?
    Think of some Bible characters who needed encouragement. Noah was righteous but not perfect. How would he be faithful to the Lord in the midst of discouragement?
  2. Read Genesis 6 to 8. Note Noah’s example. What do we learn from him about walking with the Lord, trusting in the Lord and persevering in doing what his world thought crazy?
  3. Imagine yourself in the ark. Just when you think the storm is over – you have to wait two more months before the Lord opens the door! What would you struggle with? What is God doing over that time in your life?
  4. Is baptism important? Why? Who should be baptised? (See Mat. 28:18-20). How would baptism be an encouragement to you and to others?

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