Nunc Dimittis: Now is the Time!

Sermon on December 18 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Luke 2:25-35

Christmas is about something much, much bigger than the celebration. Do you love Jesus more than your dreams?

Now is the time to:


  • God’s promise is always worth the waiting
    Nothing that really matters in life takes ‘just a minute’. If God keeps you waiting it will never be a second longer than is best.
  • God’s plan is always wider than we think
    Jesus has come for Gentiles as well as Jews, for all ages and races and types of people.

‘Jesus is the Universal Answer…the Key that unlocks every door, the Sun that lights up our path, the Light that chases the darkness within, the Physician that heals our sin-sick, broken hearts and the Way of escape for those who are tempted and tried’


  • It’s impossible to be neutral with Jesus
    There can be no middle ground with Jesus. Will you follow Him and give your all, or turn around and go the other way?

‘I told a porter that all the money in the world would not help the richest man on his death bed and meant nothing if he had not Christ. I said I would rather be where I was with Christ as my Lord and Saviour with the riches of eternal life before me than to be wealthy and living it up without a saving knowledge of Christ.’
(Jonathan Holdt my friend – witnessing in hospital during his chemotherapy)

  • Losing your life for Jesus is better than living without Him
    The way we respond to Jesus is a mirror of who we are, what dreams we live for and what is really in our hearts.

‘Very truly, I tell you. Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds’.
(John 12:24)

Who is Jesus to you?
Remember. Christmases come and go. But each of us is moving to a day when like Simeon, we are ready to go – or wish to turn back the clock. Now is the time…

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