Personal Encounters with Jesus

Sermon on JUNE 11 by Dave Navarra, OM Zaventem

Scripture: Acts 9:1-19

A Personal Encounter with Jesus changes our lives.

1) We all have a Pre-Encounter Story
Acts 7:54-8:2 / 9:1-4
Saul/Paul had a pre-encounter story filled with sin just like we have a past.

2) There is Light and darkness in our Encounters
Acts 9:3, 8-9
Our encounters may involve what feels like a dark tunnel but there is light at the end.

3) There is Unlikely help in our encounters!
Acts 9:10-17
Ananias was sent to be a blessing to Paul. Who has been a blessing in your journey with Jesus? Who can you be that blessing to?

4) Encounters Change our future
Acts 9:18-15 / vs. 26 Acts 20:24
An encounter with Jesus will make our past/present life styles hard to continue, but also reveal a new mission and purpose for our lives.

Note Card Challenge:
* Write out your “Encounter” story in 3 parts:

A) What was your life like before Jesus?
B) How did you encounter Jesus?
C) How is your life different today?

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  1. Consider your story? What was your life like before Jesus, how did you encounter him and how is your life different?
  2. What surprises you about Saul/Paul’s conversion?
  3. Before the scales fell of Paul’s face he was in darkness do you feel like you are in a dark tunnel? What do you need to make it through?
  4. Are there people in your life that you think will never encounter Jesus? How can you pray for them?
  5. Who has been an Ananias in your life (helped you)? And who can you be an Ananias to (who can you help)?




Photo credit Mathews