Being Wise when Wisdom seems Foolish!

Sermon on July 2 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture: Proverbs 3:1-8

What is success God’s way? What do you do when there seem to be significant benefits to doing what you know may be wrong?

If you want to be successful:


  • Your heart can lead you astray (v1)

Are you into external obedience or keeping God’s commands in your heart?

I hold fast to your statutes, Lord..I run in the path of your commands for you have broadened my understanding.’
(Psalm 119:31,32)

  • Keeping your heart will keep you awake (v2)

Your heart is the security system of your ‘shalom’ (your wellbeing or safety)

Are you guarding your heart from the lies of the culture that promises peace through idolatry? Do not shift from the gospel.

‘All week long, I want to rest in the love of God, love to the glory of God- and glory in the God of love.’
(Scotty Smith)

  • Let who God is change your heart (v3,4)

Success is not making a name in this world. It is finding your place before God.

‘A good name is more desirable than great riches, to be esteemed is better than silver or gold’
(Prov. 22:1)


  • Trust God entirely – with all that you are (v5a)

Authentic peace and wholehearted faith go together! Faith says: ‘I don’t know how You will do this, but I know You!’

‘….For true faith it is either God – or total collapse. And not since Adam stood up on the earth has God failed a single man or woman who trusted Him.’
(A.W. Tozer)

  • Trust God exclusively – and no-one else (v5b)

We live in a culture where many churches have been swayed by feelings to put man’s opinion above God’s Word.
Allow the culture to shape the Bible and you have a God who is not god at all, and a gospel that makes no sense.

  • Trust God extensively – in every area (v6-8)

Straight paths do not mean easy paths. Success in God’s sight is not in the first place material (‘prosperity theology’)
Trust God in every area because He writes straight with crooked lines – there is nothing He will not do to make your joy complete in Him.

Remember! The path to success and peace is not doing things you way, or travelling every highway that seemed right.
It is remembering your place before God and trusting in His wisdom alone.
Aim to come to the end of your life with a record that shows you did it God’s way.

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Photo credit Bourguignon