Honoring God with your Sexuality!

Sermon on July 30 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Proverbs 5

What is your view of sex? Satan can take what is intended for pleasure and twist it into pseudo-pleasure that will lead us into bondage and pain.

If you want to honor God with your sexuality:


  • Innocent words can reap a whirlwind… (v1-3)

Flirting that leads away from faithfulness to your spouse often begins with words before sex.
Watch out for Miss. or Mr. Honey Lips – emotional intimacy can begin with a little ‘harmless’ texting or e-mails.

  • …a whirlwind than will wreck your life… (v4-6)

The affair that seems so right is based on a false promise: ‘Get it all and get it now!’
Jesus calls us out of all delusion and fantasy. Whether we are turned on by naked bodies (men), or romantic knights (ladies), Jesus is in the reality business. He frees us from a turned-in love life, to love that respects and protects purity.

  • …and imprison you with regret (v7-14)

Watch out for the hijackers of your heart: The desire to be a ‘messiah’ to comfort someone can lead to sin and regret later.
The false refuge of graphic pictures will always lead to bondage, not freedom


  • Enjoy your spouse exclusively (v15-17)

Solomon is speaking in days of arranged marriages. So whatever the state of your love life, direct all your energy into satisfying your spouse – and getting ‘intoxicated’ with her or him.

  • Enjoy your spouse constantly (v18-23)

Note that we are to enjoy the spouse ‘of your youth’ (the marriage partner), not the spouse ‘in her youth’.

‘One way that God protected me from adultery is by making it feel revolting to me – the thought of having sex with any other woman besides Noel, my wife, feels as nauseating to me as having sex with a man’
(John Piper: ‘Letter to a Would-Be Adulterer’ ).

‘If your right eye you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.’ (Mat. 5:29)

Remember! It does not matter how sweet it looks, lust and sexual sin always cut off the wings that lead us to the most long-lasting joy – being glad in Jesus.
If you have regrets, repent and run to Jesus, the mighty friend of sexual fools.
Are you married, or waiting to be married? Do not waste your sexual life but commit yourself to the sexual wisdom He gives.


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