Kingdom Blessings in an Unhappy World

Sermon on November 11 by Dr Jeremy D. Otten, Senior Researcher New Testament, ETF (Evangelical Theological Faculty) Leuven

Scripture: Matthew 5:3-12

Big Idea: Kingdom blessings require a kingdom allegiance.
→ Transform your allegiance by:

I. Transforming your attitude to a posture of humility (vv. 3–5)

a. Poor in spirit (v. 3)
b. Those who mourn (v. 4)
c. Meek (v. 5)

II. Transforming your affections to long for something greater (vv. 6–8)

a. Those hungry and thirsty for righteousness (v. 6)
b. Merciful (v. 7)
c. Pure in heart (v. 8)

III. Transforming your actions to imitate the King (vv. 9–12)

a. Peacemakers (v. 9)
b. Those persecuted for righteousness (v. 10)
c. You, when you are persecuted because of Jesus (vv. 11–12)

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