Is Jesus enough?

Sermon on March 29 by Greg Helms

Scripture:  Colossians 1:9-14


Context: Paul writes to believers: those with true faith and love for Christ.

  • The same gospel they have received is bearing fruit in all the world.

Examples: The faithful in Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, Liberia, and Chad.

  • Paul also knows our temptation to look for more than Jesus.

4 aspects of our fullness in Christ:

1. Grow in Knowledge (Romans 15:4)
• Grow us in wisdom, that we would grow in worship!
• Lord, keep us from drifting; keep us from deception.

2. Grow in Fruit-bearing (John 15:4-8)
• Faith always produces deeds, if our identity is in Christ.
• Are you bursting with praise, because of Jesus your Savior?

3. Grow in Endurance (Psalm 73:26)
• Our supply is wholly in Christ. We are weak, He is strong.

  • ‘He who spent His Son’s blood to purchase you, will surely spend His own power to keep you’ (William Gurnall)

4. Grow in Gratitude
• Can sinners be qualified? Yes, but only in Christ alone! Let us give thanks.
• We are rescued from darkness to light. Our God is for us.

Who is this Jesus? What has He done? Colossians 1:15-20

  • ‘Joy, under pressure and through trials, is one of the marvels of God’s work in His people’ (Dick Lucas)

  • Read 1 Peter 1: Ours is a living hope beyond the grave! Is Jesus really enough? Indeed, HE IS !