Day of Prayer and Fasting | Saturday April 4

Dear IBC family

This morning I read Romans 8:28 as part of my devotional time.  Do read it again today if you may not know it by heart. I was so encouraged to be reminded by John Piper that :

‘Once you walk through the door of love into the massive unshakable structure of Romans 8:28, everything changes…You simply can’t be blown over anymore.  The confidence that a sovereign God governs for your good all the pain and all the pleasure that you will ever experience is an incomparable refuge and security and hope and power in your life’ 

This knowledge that there is always grace and future grace frees us from fear and propels us to gladness in Him and sharing that with others.

 Coming soon..

Since this Saturday April 4 is our 24 hour prayer focus, the elders call us as a church family to a Day of Prayer and Voluntary Fasting.  We learned after the decision that it coincides with a global call for such a day from the Gospel Coalition.  So we will be joining with millions of believers worldwide.   Our particular focus if you are on the 24 hour Prayer mailing list will be on issues related to Covid19 as well as our own missionaries.  They are in the process of sending their requests.  God willing Maurice will send  this out to all who normally receive, as well as the prayer guidance from Gospel Coalition.  We will also send  those  24 hour prayer  requests to all on our data list, God willing.  For the moment we attach the Gospel Coalition prayers which are wonderfully put together .

Good Friday pack..

With Easter coming we are planning something for the entire family for Good Friday evening  that is a little different.  This will include songs, possibly a children’s activity and a recorded video message so that you may worship Jesus with family in your home.  This will be sent out on Thursday April 9 God willing from the church office.   Of course our service will be online as usual on Resurrection Sunday.

With the Lord’s help I am praying for each of you.  As Easter approaches, and we know how the story ends, let me share some lyrics from a song that has been on my mind, from a group called ‘Glad’  with the song known as  ‘Be Ye Glad!’

From the grace of the innocent Adam
Comes a song bringing joy to the sad
Oh, your cry has been heard and the ransom
Has been paid up in full, be ye glad

In His grip and in gladness