Help! I need somebody …

From time to time, members of IBC Brussels – just like The Beatles – cry out for HELP!

Today we are requesting material to help two members in their ministry. They need blankets and a laptop. In fact they are singing along with The Beatles: “Won’t you please, please help me, help me, help me, oh!”)

1. Blankets or sleeping bags

These are needed for the team from IBC Brussels that is working with Serve The City. Serve the City mobilizes volunteers to show kindness in practical ways to people in need. They partner with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, and other associations, and invite volunteers to offer practical help and support. With the colder weather not too far away, IBC member Christian Vargas is making a special request for blankets or sleeping bags for homeless shelters in Brussels. (He says he can arrange transport to pick them up).

2. Laptop

For years, Jacques the IBC Librarian has been using an old 20th century computer of his to manage the 2,170 books in the library and all the lending activities. It’s not quite a black-and-white MS-DOS, but it’s not too far off, and it’s finally “given up the ghost.” We are always keen to recycle at IBC, so we are wondering if anyone has a WiFi-ready laptop that they no longer need. Maybe you have upgraded to a new model and are wondering what to do with the old one?

If anyone can help with blankets or a laptop – and put an end to Christian and Jacques singing “Help!” – just drop them a line using the form below. You can also bring them along to church on Sunday. Thanks a lot.

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