Praying for the Nations

Françoise Thonet reports …

On 3 December in the Fellowship Hall of IBC Brussels we held an inspiring Candlelight Prayer Watch which focused on “Praying for the Nations”.

For those of you who were not able to attend, here’s a short summary of the evening, plus two inspirational videos.

We were delighted to be visited by Sung from North Korea and Hyonae from South Korea. Sung showed us a video he made showing the appalling situation for Christians in North Korea. They both urged us to pray for the 3.7 million North Koreans who are currently facing famine. Please pray that supplies of food would get through to them and that they can keep warm, particularly as winter begins.

We prayed also for Egypt, which is in a critical phase between two elections. The Christians there have began to fast and pray and they ask us to be associated with their movement.

We prayed for China and the Philippines in Asia; Australia and New Zealand in Oceania; Kenya, RD Congo, Ghana and South Africa in Africa; the United States; and for Belgium, Finland and the UK in Europe. We received a huge blessing in this corporate prayer and praise which was accompanied by the worship team (Glen and Reece).

Thanks also to Juraj, Manuella and Damien who took care of the sound system. We began the evening with an informative and inspirational movie on the persecuted church called “Behind the Sun”, and rounded off the evening with Pastor Roger leading us in Holy Communion.

Below are two videos you might like to watch, describing the current situations for Christians in Egypt and North Korea, and inspiring us to pray for our brothers and sisters in these countries:

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Francoise says:

    Thank you Pierre for your encouragements and the presence of you and your family.

  2. Many thanks to Francoise and the prayer team and to all who made this evening of prayer a blessed event. May the spirit and ministry of intercessory prayer continue to grow at IBC!

  3. Pierre says:

    a really blessed time of prayer for the whole world and of fellowship . Praise the Lord and many thanks to the organisers

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