A Revolutionary Song!

Sermon on December 20 by Pastor Roland Eskinazi

Scripture:  Luke 1:46-56


One of the greatest songs in the Bible comes from the lips of a teenage girl. What can we learn from this song, ‘The Magnificat’ and from Mary as a model for us?
When God breaks into your world:  

  1. You will always have a song to sing! (v46- 48)
    When you have nothing to give, then you are ready for God
    When Scripture fills your soul, your singing won’t stop

  2. You will always have a God to glorify! (v49-53)
    When you know what God can do, you act as if it’s done
    When God is your joy you sing His praise, not your woes

  3. You will always have a promise to pass on! (v54-55)
    In Jesus we find our place in God’s plan
    Through Jesus God is turning the world around

Remember! The answer to our deepest problems is not in national revolutions. You will find it in a baby in a manger who would die for sins upon the Cross. God in Jesus is bringing about revolution! Are you in on it – and are you passing it on?

Download the sermon and the bulletin insert with the sermon outline and questions for reflection and discussion.

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